Jamie Zawinski's Bookmarks

Starting Points:

The Asylum's Revolving Door
An ever-changing list of around ten interesting sites.
Cool Site of the Day
Every day another link to a cool site on the Web.
Spin the wheel and land on a random URL.
This does full text searches of the web.
Interface to lots of search engines and robots and dictionaries and things.
Meta-List of What's New pages
What's New With NCSA Mosaic
The World Wide Web Worm
The Mother of All BBSes
The JumpStation
EINet Galaxy
Planet Earth Home Page
Virtual Tourist
A geographically based Web organization, with maps.
ALIWEB Mirror at IU
This is like, kinda stupid.
NCSA Mosaic Home Page
XEmacs, formerly Lucid Emacs
back when it was still cool, that is!
Emacs W3 Mode home page
``But emacs W3 mode already does that.'' -- Bill Perry


The Asylum
Cardiff's Movie Database Browser
Very very very cool.
Vampires (oooh, that's scary!)
The Jargon File
bianca's SMUT-Shack
Blade Runner
Natural Born Killers
This movie totally rocked.
This host is totally slow.
Mel's Godzilla Page
Lots of randomized quotes databases
Random Stephen Wright Quotes
MIT Gallery of Hacks
Some very funny accounts of practical jokes.
Confession Booth
Ask Grandma DEATH
David Letterman
I don't have time to watch TV, so I read about TV instead.
Bruce Sterling's home page
Best of the Web contest

Text and Comics

Unix Haters Handbook
(Unix sucks a lot.)
Pointers to all kinds of online self-published ego vehicles.
WiReD Magazine
My picture was in it, so it must be cool.
Axcess Magazine
These guys never ever update their content.
Netsurfer Digest
Whole Earth 'Lectronic Magazine
Who Watches the Watchmen?
Tank Girl
Johann's Comics Page
rec.arts.comics stuff
The Internet Company Electronic Newsstand
Some content from real-world magazines; unfortunately, not any interesting ones.
Dysfunctional Family Circus
The Simpsons


Stuff to Read:

Allmusic Gopher Server
This has a huge amount of information (discographies, some reviews), but it's slow and not very pretty.
The Ultimate Band List
Organizes pointers to info about bands, and has forms for letting others update the info. This is the biggest I've seen.
On-Line Music Database
Same idea as UBL or Allmusic, but not as big/complete.
Lyrics at ftp.uwp.edu
An FTP server with tons of lyrics.
Top Sampling Groups and Sources
Gothic (Vample Stat)
More Gothic (Heather)
More Gothic (Slin)
More Gothic (Akasha)
Random Music Archive #27
Discographies, FAQs, that kind of thing.
Random music pointers
This one has pointers to more than just bands.
and more of the same
The Death of Rock 'n' Roll
Exceprpts from what looks to be a very entertaining book about dead rock stars.
Uzume Taiko Drum Group Society News

Stuff to Listen To:

Internet Underground Music Archive
Lots of songs from unsigned bands. Very cool.
Virtual Radio Home Page
Techno/ambient/rave stuff. There are a bunch of ~20 minute audio files of dj sets here.
Mammoth Records
A small label with a page for each of their bands, including song and video clips.
American Recordings
Another record label on the net, with songs.
Underground Home Page (World Domination Records)
Sounds directory (alphabetically)
This is mainly samples from movies and TV, not songs.
Directory of /pub/multimedia/sun-sounds/movies
Lots of movie sounds.
KFJC 89.8
Foothill College, Los Altos CA.
KZSU 90.1
Stanford University, Palo Alto CA.
There are no sound files here, these guys use a higher bandwidth, less interactive distribution mechanism.

Stuff to Buy:

CD Connection (telnet)
CD Connection (FTP)
Basically a mail-order record store that operates over the net. Good selection of domestic stuff.
CD Europe (telnet)
Same idea, but imports only. Looks like a really good selection.
Noteworthy Music
A record store with a forms-based interface. Not a very large selection as far as I can tell.
Cleopatra Records 1994 Catalogue


Pixel Pushers Gallery
(Art)^n Laboratory
CyberSight Art
Eye candy
The Grotesque in Art
Strange Interactions (John Jacobsen)
H. P. Lovecraft Image Galery (and other HPL links)
Graffiti Photos
Lots of icons
Lots of pictures
Jupiter/Shoemaker-Levy 9
more jupiter
more more jupiter


Network Statistics (graphs, graphs, graphs)
Immanent death of the net predicted.
Webster's Dictionary
Roget's Thesaurus
Encyclopedia Britannica
Just a demo.
CIA World Factbook
Lock Picking
Wow, this is really easy!
The Terrorist's Handbook
It blowed up reeeeel goooooood!
Phrack Archives
Xerox PARC World Map Viewer
Internet-wide e-mail address searches
Library of Congress exhibits
Project Gutenberg
Bay Area Transit Information
Everything you'd want to know about public transit in the SF Bay area (including the fact that if you use public transit, it takes three hours to get from my apartment to my office.)
Realtime CalTrans Road Conditions
This is mainly SoCal stuff, but does have live CHP reports of all CA highways.
AP Wire Service
CNN Headlines
English-German Dictionary
Jeffrey's Japanese/English Dictionary Gateway


National Weather Service
Weather Maps and Movies
Interactive Weather Map
San Francisco Weather
Australia (maps and things)


California Web Yellow Pages (lots of organizations)
Alphabetical list of commercial sites
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Cygnus Support
University of California at Berkeley
Cranberry-Mellon School of Cucumber Science
The Scotty Fahlman Lisp Hacking Club
Ridiculing MTV
The Exploratorium
Silicon Graphics
The Defacto Substandard


Those Oceana Flakes
That Coffee Machine
The Amazing Fishcam!
The Amazing Fishcam (JPEG)
The Mercury Project at USC
Operate a remote control robot through Mosaic!
Network 23
Various Max Headroomery.
Nutrition and Health!!
Frog Dissection
Barney the Big Purple Antichrist
Coke Machines
You lack slack, Jack.
Ben's Lunch Information
with links to other terribly exciting Lunch Servers on the net!
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches
Look, it's trying to talk.
Telemedia, Networks, and Systems Group
Demos subtitled ``why it sucks to be behind a firewall.''
Looking South-Southwest From Hayward, California
Star Trek: The Next Generation Plot Server v1.1
Tarot Readings
Tic Tac Toe
The Game of Life
4x4 Puzzle
Sneaky Sharp Strikes Again!
The *real* t.b home page

Stuff What I Did:

A graphical front-end to xmodmap that will protect you from having to re-learn yet another arcane sublanguage every time you find yourself at a new keyboard.
An extensible screen saver and locker, including a bunch of eye candy.
A morphing digital clock.
The Mother of All Tape Labelers. This prints j-cards for cassettes, cartridge tapes, 8mm tapes, and DATs, does all kinds of automagic font scaling, and has the ability to include graphics. It is implemented completely in PostScript.
Prints labels for VHS video cassettes; much simpler.
The Insidious Big Brother Database
A rolodex-like database tightly integrated with the Emacs mail and news readers.
My Music Collection
Shriekback Discography
The List
Steve Koepke's list of Bay Area Shows (tastefully reformatted by yours truly.)


Mosaic Communications Corporate Propaganda Machine
Live it, love it, learn it, buy it.
Everything else in this section is internal to Mosaic, you can't get to it from outside.
Mosaic Home Pages
Warp (Kipp's machine)
This is where all the the eng stuff lives.
Ender (Nathan's machine)
This is where all the content folks hang out.
Mosaic Phone List
jwz's bug list
Demo Documents
Demo Documents (forms)
GUI Specs
NCSA Demo Document

New Stuff:

nj's Home Page
WAXweb, Welcome (6577)